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Push & Pull: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Slytherins, Gryffindors, and a Veela

Okay, Slytherins are naturally seen as conniving, nasty individuals. The only positive trait notable about them probably is that they are proud. And that's why Theodore Nott found himself walking towards the Gryffindor table.

To be proud is to be noble right? And the noble thing to do is to return the roll of parchment to its owner. Whoever it was. But who is he kidding anyway? He doesn't even have an idea who Luna is. He only hoped he could talk to Ginny when he returns the parchment where he originally got it. However peculiar it may seem since she's a ginger. And she's the weasel's sister.

He is a Slytherin through and through. And Slytherins always get what they want. He was certain he wanted friendship from Ginny. He can deal with his two friends later. Even if Draco hated the blood traitors, he'll have his way with the ginger one way or another.

You're making a fool of yourself Theo. You're like 8 steps away and you have plenty of chances to retreat.

It really is odd. Theo liking Ginny. Well, he's interested at least. This may be due to the respect he has of the Weasley twins and their knack for mischief. He was sure they'd have been his best friends if they were sorted to Slytherin. His respect doesn't go as far as wanting to be in Gryffindor.

Again, he's kidding himself. If there was anyone to blame for this mistake he's about to make, it's the person sitting not a few steps away from him. There's no taking his eyes away from Ginny Weasley. Not after seeing her at Diagon Alley before school started.

She was oblivious of him. Her head is bowed, her focus not leaving her task. Her gaze held an intensity very similar to the one he got himself drawn into.

Shaking his head, Theo put a small smile on his face. He couldn't forget how magnificent a sight it had been. He was buying books he needed for the year when he noticed a commotion outside.

Ginny looked fierce. The color of her face matched the red of her hair. For some reason he probably wouldn't know, Theo witnessed as the Weasley girl bat bogey hexed her own brother.

Oh, it was a sight to behold! Bats emerged from Ron Weasley's nose. The twins laughing as their brother found it difficult to talk as he asked for help.

There really could be no one more pretty than Ginny Weasley in all of Hogwarts. Not to mention she's smart. Sure there's Granger. But the mudblood is a mudblood. And even if she wasn't, she lacked the fire Ginny obviously have.

Where the f*ck are you going Theo?

Just as Theo was about to make himself known, Blaise put a hand on his friend's shoulder. Of course there was nothing wrong about a Slytherin approaching the Gryffindor table. It just isn't part of the status quo. As if it wasn't already noticeable. The three long tables catered to a mixture of students coming from different houses. Only the Slytherin table held just Slytherin students.

"Theo," he said but he was cut when a small voice of a girl spoke.

"Is there anything we can help you with?"

At that, Theo, whose eyes were on Blaise after been surprised by the hand on his shoulder, and Blaise, who was focused on the message he wanted to express to his friend, turned to the speaker.

Salazar bless you! Theo thought.

Blaise and Theo exchanged glances and returned their gaze on the owner of the voice. The former was sure he and the latter had the same thing in mind.

Watching them dreamily is a set of silvery blue grey eyes. Her dirty blonde hair fell to her waist. And there was this certain light about her. Like she's glowing or something if that was even possible.

Is it legal in Hogwarts? Theo thought once more.

Nudging Theo from his trance is Blaise. "Wha-?" He said unable to finish what he was about to say when Blaise eyed him. Even without words, he got the message.

"W-well," he started. He doesn't know what caught his tongue but he knew he probably looked stupid right now.

"Well what you snake? What are you even doing here?" Came a voice so fiery it can melt an iceberg.

"Now now Weaslette, you don't need to be so angry." Says Blaise who finally regained his composure. If it was even probable that anyone noticed he lost it for a while. "Theo, get on with it. Before we catch gingervitis." He added.

At that statement, the ginger haired girl stood up. Blaise was sure her eyes were brown earlier. But now they're red. Angry red at that.

Ginny had her wand in her hand. She was ready to use it at the hint of any more provocation and Blaise knew he hit a nerve. Which just added to his amusement currently.

"You're not using that on me ginger." He said. "Not when the professors are around at least. Besides, it's the least of my worries. Seeing as I don't think you even know how to use a wand." He added with a smirk.

Ginny squinted her eyes in confusion. Blaise revealed one of his smiles that could charm the pants off of any girl at the receiving end. A rarity of all sorts. And Ginny knew she was red. If it isn't redundancy at its finest. One, because she realized she was holding the wrong end of the wand. And two, she can't seem to place whether she's still angry or just embarrassed.

"Come Theo." Blaise said cooly addressing his friend who seem to have gotten himself acquainted to the angel that was gracing their presence today.
"She's got to be a veela!" Theo said as they made their way to their classes.

"You think nobody would've noticed if there was a veela at Hogwarts?" Blaise responded. Although if he were truthful with his words, he'd agree with Theo. She must be a veela. Or at least a part of her is. There simply is no explanation he could think of why she'd look the way she did if she didn't have a drop of veela blood in her vains.

"It's just very good genes." Says a voice of a girl they were all too familiar with.

Blaise looked to his left to find the Slytherin prefects joining them on their walk to charms class. And Daphne Greengrass seemed to have just made a comment on his thoughts about the Ravenclaw girl being part veela.

"What's that?" Blaise asked.

"I said it's all in the genes." Daphne repeated. "What is?" Blaise asked once more. "This. That." Daphne answered pointing at her hair and Draco's. Apparently Theo was talking to them about being blonde and all.

Now that he thinks of it, both Daphne and Draco had blonde hairs. Draco's a little more overbearing. While Daphne's a calm sun shiny color, Draco's white blonde hair shocks the daylights out of you.

As far as Blaise knows, neither Daphne nor Draco had veelas for ancestors. So the Ravenclaw angel probably just comes from a very beautiful family which genes can spawn a heavenly creature. And Salazar, what a sight she was! He should have asked what her name is. If only the Weaslette had been less problematic, he wouldn't wonder about names now.

"Blaise." He heard a voice call.

"Blaise." It repeated.

"Blaise!" Was all he heard before he collided with the person he wants to see the least.

"Blaise, what the f*ck mate!?" Draco asked snatching Blaise away from the other student. "What're you staring for ginger slug!?" He added addressing the other student by the name of Ronald Weasley.

"Bugger off Malfoy!" Bellowed Harry Potter. He gave the Malfoy heir a scathing look as he pulled Ron with him to get inside the classroom.

"Tell that to yourself Potter. Your friend is a nuisance. I pity you for not accepting my friendship during our first year. I see you've found ones worth not a single penny in your pocket." The blonde said cooly.

"Well I bet Zabini's worth like a million galleons, Nott a surprising thousand, and Greengrass' what? A hundred or so?" Says Hermione who apparently turned up at the middle of Malfoy's speech. "Buying your friends because you can? How charming." She added.

Daphne's wand is suddenly up in retaliation. Closing his eyes momentarily and opening them again, Draco put a hand up to stop Daphne from doing something only Gryffindors would do. "Ah, always the know it all aren't you Granger?" He said in a voice so cold Hermione actually felt shivers crawl her skin.

"I got to give you a hand Potter. Apparently you made a friend who's worth something." Draco added. "A knut maybe? And I'm being very generous. Merlin, to a mudblood on top of that!" He continued gesturing at his fellow Slytherins.

"But this certainly isn't worth my time." He finished with a snicker.
Fuming when they took their seats were Harry and Hermione. It's not like Ron to keep quiet and not defend himself. Especially when it's Malfoy.

"Ron." Hermione whispered.

"Ronald." She said when the ginger didn't turn his head. Hopefully Ronald would wake him from his trance.

Nonchalantly, Ronald Weasley turned to the bushy haired girl next to him. "What?" He asked.

"I can't get over it you know." Hermione confessed. "What?"
Ron asked once more. "I can't either." Harry supplied. He was shaking his head as he pretended to listen to professor Flitwick.

"What're you guys talking about?" Ron queried. It seems he isn't getting any good answers from his two best friends. And that's saying something. Ronald Weasley isn't a very inquisitive person. Certainly not someone you pleased by answering his questions because he never gave them.

When it seemed like none of them would speak, Ron fired another question. "What are you two on about?"

"Why did you keep quiet?" Harry asked. He's been itching to do so when they found their seats.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Ron said disinterested. "I highly doubt that." Hermione said. "And could you please look at me when I'm talking to you?" She added rolling her eyes.

Harry, in silence followed where Ron was staring at. His green eyes fell to Draco Malfoy who was busy scribbling something on a parchment. Wonder filled Harry's mind.

With a sigh, Harry looked to his side and found Ron who is now looking at Hermione. "Hermione, you can stop that now." He said. There was definitely something wrong about Ron. But seeing as the ginger was looking at Malfoy through gritted teeth, his hatred for the blonde git certainly is intact.

Unbeknownst to the boy wonder and his friends of silly Gryffindors, someone was observing them from the opposite side of the class. Returning his focus on his notes, Theodore Nott wrinkled his nose. Some revelation too premature to discuss among his friends have come to him.

That can't be right.