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Push & Pull: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Brown hair and curls

"Draco." A sweet voice called.

"Draco." Again, he heard her.

"Draco." This time, he heard a snap accompanying the mention of his name.

"Hmm?" Draco responded. He had his potions essay spread before him except it didn't look like his essay at all.

"They're all doodles." Tracey Davis said. Worry was apparent on her face as she brought her boyfriend back to real time.

At her statement, Draco's eyebrows met. Doodles? What did she mean by doodles?

"I got to say, you may be a Malfoy but your art is trash." Says Blaise. "What are you talking about?" Draco finally asked.

" Y' don't suppose that's your potion essay do you?" Theo supplied as he pointed at the parchment in front of Draco. When the latter saw the curls on the parchment, he switched from left to right looking as if his assignment was missing.

"It is his potions essay!" Tracey said frustrated. The two of them scheduled doing their assignments together but she stopped what she was doing when she noticed Draco's doodling.

"That's quite a unique representation of Hermione you got there. I didn't think you could draw Draco."
Theo was immediately sent out of the library by Madam Pince when the former wasn't able to prevent himself from laughing out loud. The look on Draco's face was so priceless he was sure his memory of the blonde Slytherin will forever be etched in his mind.

It was rare to find Draco Malfoy so horrified it's occurrence should be put in news papers. And Luna "for the love of Merlin" Lovegood, made it possible. How on earth she managed to think that was beyond all their imagination.

The idea of Draco's unique doodle of Hermione Granger is gold. And why hasn't Theo Nott, one of the most brilliant, but is greatly under appreciated student in Hogwarts, thought about it? It's simple really. One, Draco hates mudbloods, two, Granger is a mudblood, and therefore, three, Draco hates Granger. There's no reason for him to draw abstracts of her. Unless...

"What the fuck!?"

Staggering backwards on the onset of collision, Theo managed to steady himself before he slammed to the nearest wall. He was ready to lash on the other person, probably a stupid Gryffindor with brutal strength and no brain, when he realized two things. One, she isn't Gryffindor, and two she isn't even a Hogwarts student.

"Excuse me?" Theo finally said. He had every right to be angry at her but Slytherins don't lash out like Gryffindors. Besides, she was livid enough to be angry for the both of them.

"Great!" She said clapping a hand on her leg. "I mean, what the f*ck dude!?" She continued but Theo was too dumbstruck to hear the whole of her litany.

The next thing Theo remembered was her curly brown hair, the color of dark chocolate.
"Don't patronize me Granger." Draco said as he drew on parchment his ideas for the ball. Physical appearance was assigned to them and he will not procrastinate on prefect duties. Especially when it allowed him an opportunity to smite the Gryffindor princess - wrongly titled he presumes - to the best of his ability.

"Yeah right. Keep telling yourself that." Hermione responded out of habit though she really was admiring his work. She knew she shouldn't be wasting her time talking to him but the arrogant bastard knew how to illicit a response from her. "I got no time patronizing smarmy gits."

"For a witch who regards her intelligence highly, you seem poor at constructing full sentences." Draco said but the manipulative Slytherin won't just spill all his ideas in one go. Hermione knew what he was doing. He wants her to ask why he thinks so.

Ha! Like she'd give him that time of the day. He can talk all he want and she's just going to ignore him. She would if she wasn't so damn curious her facial expression gave her away.

She knew by the triumphant look on his face that he's seen through her. "You forgot your adjectives Granger." He supplied with an amused expression. "You forgot to add handsome."

"How?" Hermione asked. Her hands were too late to cover her mouth. Curiosity was faster than her reflexes. And as much as she hated Malfoy's smug expression, she hated herself more for being too inquisitive.

"If you're thinking wizards and witches were taught only magic in school, then you're correct." Draco said as he stood up from his seat seemingly bored. "But I'm a Malfoy." He continued. "I'm not just a wizard."

"Here's what I can envision it to look like." He said as he handed her the parchment. Hermione was quick to notice how swiftly he changed from almost amiable to indifferent. "You may scrap anything you dislike or discard the whole of it if it is anywhere as atrocious as anything a Weasley could think of."
F*cking Lovegood! Draco swore in his mind.
F*cking Granger!! He added.
F*cking McGonagall!!!

If Lovegood hadn't given him an idea about his doodle looking like Granger, he wouldn't even think of the mudblood. If Granger had been more adamant about not being paired up with him in every task, he wouldn't have to spend time with her. Salazar knows McGonagall doesn't listen to him. The old hag can be cruel sometimes where he's concerned. If she wasn't so idealistic, he wouldn't have to bear being with Granger. House unity his arse!

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Draco made his way to the Slytherin dungeon. Not only is he spending time to work on the ball with Granger, McGonagall practically made sure they're working together the rest of 5th year.

Tracey's beginning to be difficult. And he couldn't blame the girl really. Not only is he spending less time with her but he's also spending more of it with Granger. If it were Abbott from Hufflepuff, he's sure to not hear from Tracey but no, he's always with a Gryffindor and that seems to equate with constant huffs and puffs from his girlfriend of the year.


With a heavy sigh, Draco stopped on his tracks and looked over his shoulder.

"What?" He asked irritated.

"Well I think your idea is good-" Hermione started but she was cut. "Of course it is." Draco responded looking at her as if she said something stupid. "And that you could do better." Hermione said returning the parchment.

"I expect a more thorough plan in our next meeting." She supplied. "Which probably is later after the official introduction." The Gryffindor added then sighed before she turned back on him.

Appalled, Draco can but murmur to himself. Hermione was sure she heard, brown, bushy, curls. Probably followed by expletives.