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Dragon Heartstrings

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26 September
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i'm a busy person right now..am not forgetful but might forget this account if i won't open it daily..only joking..i teach english..anyone who wants a tutor?..^^

some things about me:

- the origin of my name is quite interesting (maybe for me, but for others, i don't know. haha) my first name takes after the wife of a Russian president and my second name means "freedom" if translated in English.

- i don't HATE i just DISLIKE and even with the disliking, i rarely dislike things and people. i always try to find something good in people so i could like them. and if there were people who doesn't like me, i give them that privilege. it's their problem, not mine.

- i like people who i could talk some sense with, i'm pretty much the storyteller myself so i'd like to sit and have someone listen to me and in return, i'd listen to that person too. i generally like humorous people and considerate people because if there's one thing i don't like, it's being insensitive.

- i have problems concerning time. i don't like coming late to appointments or meetings and i'd rather skip the meeting than go and have people stare at me for coming a bit later then everybody else. *weird, i know*

- i like jeverything. haha. that's an understatement however. i LOVE it. i LOVE it just as i LOVE toma, hikaru (hsj), masaki (arashi) and the whole of Kat-tun. but yeah, i LOVE jeverything. haha

- i write fictions. you can visit me anytime. comment or criticize, either is good. :)