For Keeps and Some

For starters, I've decided to keep this account for good. That means despite my thoughts about changing my user name to match the rest of my other accounts (AO3: Chessc88, Tumblr: Chessc88) , I won't. It's because I figured, LJ is where I started and I've no intention of forgetting how I began to write stuff online. This will also remind me that I'm able to write fictions (fanfictions in particular) because I am a fan of Riko Narumi. The only compromise I made for keeping the rest of it as it is, was changing the user picture. All my accounts would use the same avatar and it would serve as my online identification.

The fanfictions I wrote here will remain available to everyone who comes across it (unless something like having it published in print occurs and I have to take it down). Also, new works will be cross posted in my other accounts (AO3 and Tumblr). Since my fandom grew, more stuff about my OTPs in different fandoms will be posted in the future.

My OTPs include: Hikaru Yaotome x Riko Narumi (HikaRi), Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger (Dramione), Song Jae Rim x Kim So Eun (SoLim), Ikuta Toma x (we know we can pair him off to someone we consider pretty).

Basically, my works will revolve around my OTPs but Hey!Say!Jump! (HSJ), the rest of the girls in Saved by the Bell (my HSJ fiction in LJ) will be present too. As well as other Harry Potter characters and Korean actors and actresses (who I think should be in my fic).

This will probably be the second to the last post I'll have this year. I'll be of more service to the fandoms I'm currently into next year. Please regard me kindly in the future as you have now. Cheers to 2019!

New LJ account agreement

I may or may not be deleting all of my fics here but I have every intention of making a copy of it in my archive of our own account. In case any of my readers sees this, I have 6 months to think about as to whether or not I will continue using LJ now that it has created a new agreement which I'm not comfortable with. Breaking up with LJ hurts more than having my boyfrirnd break up with me. Should you want to read my fics after 6 months has passed, you may find all of them at my archive of our own [ao3] page: chessc88. See you there. :)



I'm a very busy person (lies) but I will try my best to write something in this journal.
You can guess that most of my posts will be about. . .
Mostly fics cause I'm not in the position where I can post something really informative about him.
Be warned that eventhough I said most post will be about toma, well. . .
I'm just a normal person so once in a while I'll complain about things,
will write stuff that wouldn't be of your interest
but if you do get to read them, comments are very much appreciated.^^