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Push & Pull: Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: Silly Gryffindors

When Harry got in the Gryffindor common room, the first person he found was his girl best friend Hermione Granger. She had a book on her lap but instead of reading, she seems to be in deep thought. Her eyebrows met at the center and lines formed on her forehead.

"Tell me about it." Harry said as he took the arm chair next to hers.

It didn't take long for her to look at him. Very much unlike Ron who took forever to get out from a trance or daydream. "Tell you what?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, stuff. I don't need you to deny you're thinking about something problematic." Harry said. He's known Hermione for years not to notice something's bothering the witch.

"It's about Ron." Hermione confessed. When it didn't seem that Harry was to comment, the brown haired witch continued. "Don't you think he's acting a bit odd?" She asked.

With a sigh, Harry leaned forward, placed his elbows on his knees and rubbed his face with his palms. "I knew you'd be asking about that some time." He responded.

"Do you know something?" Hermione asked. While she found Ron annoying most times, she didn't want him to be distant. It's just unsettling. Apparently, Harry felt it too.

"That's the thing." Harry said in resignation. "I don't know either. I tried asking him. He brushed me off and said he's fine."

"But that can't be true, can it?" Hermione asked. Harry gave her a wry smile. "You know the answer to that." He said.

Harry was about to stand from his seat and excuse himself but he stopped when he felt Hermione grip his arm. But stopping from his tracks was way easier than stopping his heart from beating. Which he did without breaking a sweat.

The door of the Gryffindor common room slamed shut so loudly, Harry thought his eardrums broke. Both he and Hermione turned towards the back of the portrait to find Parvati and Ginny making their way to the girls' dormitories with a wailing Lavender.

Ginny gave the two of them a meaningful look before she disappeared with Parvati and the crying Lavender. Harry and Hermione were left exchanging glances. Curious eyes met with another.

There really is something wrong going on.

"It's that bad?" Seamus Finnegan asked. Word about Lavender crying spread like wild fire amongst the Gryffindors. "Not as bad as you look mate." Dean sniggered. Seamus threw him a dark look.

"What ever happened to you Seamus?" Ginny asked. She was refraining from laughing herself. Seamus sported red spots on his face and arms. Ginny assumed it covered the rest of his body too.

"Surprisingly that's how you'll end up when you mess with Malfoy. Madame Pomfrey can't seem to find a way to cure them just yet." Dean answered for his friend. He couldn't stop his teeth from showing to his amusement. "You're supposed to be on my side mate!" Seamus said through gritted teeth. "That f*cking ferret had his time today. He'll bloody pay for it."

"How? With you exploding the water in his cup during breakfast?" Hermione said rolling her eyes in disbelief of what she's seeing. Seamus got even redder and they were sure the spots had nothing to do with it.

Ginny threw Hermione an offended look. Sure, Seamus looked stupid right now and is acting like a prat but Hermione can't be insulting him in front of other Gryffindors.

"You know better than to engage in trivial fights with Slytherins especially with that sorry excuse for a prefect." Hermione said addressing Seamus but her eyes were on Ginny. There's just too much happening to Gryffindor students for one person to take especially for Hermione. She seems to be doing the prefect thing alone what with Ron's peculiar behavior recently.

"Why'd he do that anyway?" She asked. "You think the ferret had his reasons?" Ginny asked back looking nonplussed.

Yes, Ginny. He's a ferret but is also just behind me in all the classes. That must count for something! Hermione thought. She had no idea why Ginny's being a b*tch towards her. Just like she had no idea why she's defending the ferret. Must be the Gryffindor compassion.

"Seamus and Lee put trees from the forest by the window of Malfoy's and his friends' dorm room. They almost didn't make it to class." Dean said. "Thought it was night still." He added with a grin.

"Enough stalling. Ginny, what happened to Lavender?" Harry asked. Everybody looked at the Weasley girl at Harry's query.

"Silly Gryffindors." Pansy Parkinson said as she put her quill down. "I don't even want to comment on that." Daphne responded.

Draco just smirked as he threw an apple in the air. Trivial things just doesn't suit him. At least being a Malfoy and most specifically, Lucius' son.

"Hold on, did you say Weasley?" Theo asked Pansy. The dark haired girl looked at him questioningly but was too happy to answer.

"Yes, I said Weasley turned Brown down and left her pouring her heart out. It was ghastly." Pansy said as she wrinkled her nose in disgust. Daphne just had to shake her head at that. Blaise just kept quiet but amusement is apparent on his face.

"By Weasley you mean George. Or Fred right?" Theo asked once more.

At Theo's apparent interest, Draco couldn't help but interrupt. "What's in it to you?" He asked. "Why do we even care about bloody Gryffindors?" He added addressing Theo.

Pansy, who seems to be the only person not afraid of Draco dismissed his interruption and answered Theo. "No. I meant that slimy git Ron." She said.

Ronald Weasley? Turning Lavender Brown down? That can't be right. Theo thought.

"I'm out of here." Draco said as he stood up. He can't bear the gossip. Sure it's about the Weasley git but it isn't nearly as interesting as the image of the ginger throwing up slugs. If there was something good in that gossip worth ever mentioning is the fact that Gryffindors can actually be jack asses if they want to.

"Me too." Blaise said following Draco outside. He was too unfocused as of the moment. At least about the Weasley-Brown affair. He had other things in mind like intense set of eyes and blonde hair.

"What are you bloody staring for mate!?" Draco said disractedly. He's been feeling Blaise looking at him that he felt disconcerted.

"What?" Blaise responded. "No, eww~" he added upon realization. Sure he was talking about a different set of intense looking eyes and blonde hair, but the similarity set an alarm off.

"What the f*ck are you talking about?" Draco asked, obviously annoyed.

Upon seeing a familiar face, Luna Lovegood stopped on her tracks. She didn't really have a chance much earlier when Ginny's being a Weasley. She was too temperamental for her own good if Luna would say so.

"Hi." She said with a smile. Her eyes stil dreamy.

"Watch it Granger!" Draco said but he was too late when Hermione bumped unto him.

Books, and heavy ones at that cascaded to the floor, some hitting Draco on the foot. His reaction made Hermione completely lose her footing, making her land on the floor rather ungracefully.

"Hermione are you alright?" Luna asked in a singsong voice.

Do I look like I'm bloody well? Hermione thought as she gathered her books on the floor, all the while hearing Draco Malfoy murmur some expletives obviously directed at her.

When her books fell from her grasp, most of them landed on Draco's left foot,making him push her unnecessarily hard so that she found herself sitting on the floor in an undignified manner. Of all the people to bump onto, it had to be this insufferable prick. Merlin she wouldn't last this year unscathed!

Taking the hand offered to her, Hermione was swiftly hoisted to her feet. She wasn't a big person but she didn't weigh like a flake either. For someone so girly, Luna had a strong grip. And arm for that matter. Except, Luna was talking to Blaise Zabini.

"Not doing anything troublesome are you?" The voice of Severus Snape, the tight trousered professor startled Hermione.

"No sir. I was just helping my fellow prefect from humiliating herself further." Draco responded impassively.

"Five points to Slytherin." Says the professor. "Be very certain you're saying the truth or you'll see yourself in detention." He added before he left.

Hermione was so surprised at the perplexity of what just happened and the fact that Draco's still holding her hand that she didn't have it in her to talk.

Dropping Hermione's hand upon realization that he's still holding it, Draco grimaced. In an instant, he was wiping his hand with a handkerchief he pulled from his pocket. Hermione didn't miss the disgust shown in his face as he did so.

Without another word, the prat walked away, leaving her with Luna who was the cause of the accident but seem to have ignored that fact, and a rather amiable Blaise for company.



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