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Push & Pull: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: One and Twenty nine

"This is a joke, right?" The brunette Thunderbird said as she placed a foot on top of the other on the table. Her father gave her a disapproving look as he peeled her feet off the mahogany.

"It's perfect. I've already sent word of your arrival and they are expecting you soon." He said in his business like tone. When she didn't look up from examining her nails, he called her attention once more. "Alex."

With a sigh, the young lady looked at her father in the eye. She knew by the expression he's wearing on his face that it's a lost cause. He won't be changing his mind anytime soon. When he's made a decision, he never is persuaded to do otherwise.

"When am I leaving?" She asked. Her tone defeated. She normally would have argued with her father about him making decisions for her but she figured this time it's futile.

Alex Russo, like a true blue thunder bird, is a free spirit. When she wants something, she stops at nothing to get it. What she wanted, she acquired. Even if the consequences were great and at the expense of someone else, Alex, with no fail would have what she desired in the palm of her hands. But there were exceptions. Ones made to accommodate her father's wishes.

"You leave tonight." She heard her father say.

A pair of brown eyes widened at what she heard. She leaves tonight. To London.
"What is bothering you?" Hermione couldn't help but ask. She and Parvati weren't the closest of friends but after the talk they had that night Hermione was fixated with her hand, they have made progress with their friendship.

"Number 29." Parvati responded as she chewed on toast. "What's that?" Hermione asked once more. At her query, the young lady of Indian descent rolled her eyes. For the supposed know-it-all, Hermione proves to be uninformed about things that happen in their school.

"Tracey Davis." Parvati started. "Is number 29." She added. "Girlfriend number 29." She finished.

At the mention of the name of one of the most popular and beautiful Slytherins, Hermione followed Parvati's gaze and saw the topic of their conversation with none other than Draco Malfoy. By the looks of how Tracey coiled her arms around the Malfoy heir's, it was safe to assume the young lady is in fact girlfriend number 29.

"29 huh?" Hermione asked for confirmation despite her fellow Gryffindor's confident numbering. "Yes. 29."

"And it bothers you why?" Hermione asked. It appears the bushy haired girl never ran out of it. Questions.

"That's practically alarming." Parvati responded. "I mean how could Hogwarts allow him to have a feast of young ladies like it's Christmas?" She added.

Hermione had to agree but she was not convinced it's the real reason why her fellow Gryffindor is concerned. She has been hearing stories in the Gryffindor common room about the Slytherin prince -self entitled in her opinion- and his conquests for individuals with skirts. She honestly couldn't find a single thing to like about the wizard but judging by how Parvati has kept in track of his girlfriends tell her she must be missing something.
"Don't you think it is weird?" Ronald Weasley asked when he sat next to Hermione. He caught her talking to Parvati and decided to sit with them over breakfast.

When none of the girls spoke but turned their focus to him, he took it as a cue to continue his talk. "He was with Parkinson in third year, Greengrass in fourth, and now he has Davis."

"So?" Hermione responded. She can't find reason how it seems peculiar. If there's one thing to commend, it was the fact that at least Malfoy had the decency not to make them girlfriends at the same time. A year for each girl actually is quite kind of him. Who knew he could spend that much time with people and not be disgusted by them?

"He's saying Parkinson, Greengrass, and Davis are not only popular but are best friends." Ginny Weasley said as she sat opposite Hermione. The ginger haired girl was sporting a small smile and an apologetic expression.

Hermione returned a small smile in response to the smile given to her and to show acceptance of the unspoken apology. Ginny had not been kind towards her recently with the Lavender-Ron issue but it seems the girl has gotten to her senses.

"I think he's just jealous because even if they are in Slytherin, we can't really deny the fact they own a pretty good spot in the popularity hierarchy of beautiful young ladies in Hogwarts. And Malfoy makes them all his girlfriend without breaking a sweat." The younger Weasley continued.

Both Parvati and Hermione nodded in agreement. Indeed, the three girls have a spot in the popularity list and top spots at that. In 1st year, Greengrass was 1st, what with her striking blonde locks and finesse mannerism, Daphne was instantaneously the most adored girl in Hogwarts.

Davis took the spot in 2nd year when the pretty Slytherin charmed the boys with her hitting puberty earlier than the other girls. Greengrass was second and a girl with cutlery attitude by the name of Parkinson was third. Padma Patil, Parvati's twin from Ravenclaw was 4th but in reality, anyone below the third spot is quickly forgotten.

Parkinson snatched the 1st in third year when she became Draco Malfoy's girlfriend. From third, she catapulted to first by snagging and snogging the second most popular boy in school next to Harry Potter. Pansy Parkinson both made friends and enemies that year Draco Malfoy had his first girlfriend. Greengrass remained in second and Davis 4th.

The emergence of Hermione Granger's name in the list pushed Davis out of the 3 most popular girls in school. She and her friends tackled a troll in their first year, her contribution to the killing of the basilisk in second year was not taken lightly, and in third, she was easily the brightest witch of her age.

Dating Viktor Krum in fourth year sent the Granger girl to top spot, leaving Parkinson to 4th, Davis 3rd, Greengrass a solid 2nd. Although Hermione and Viktor did no more than hold hands -only at the Yule ball even because they had to dance- the rest of Hogwarts assumed they were too deep into their relationship.This year, the school has just started and it seems Davis will snatch the top spot again for dating Malfoy. Despite his arrogance and blood purist beliefs, Draco Malfoy maintains a popularity like no other in Hogwarts.
Since Potter has done nothing spectacular in 4th year, and Diggory won the triwizard tournament, the former slided to third. Malfoy, like Greengrass, stayed in 2nd.

"You said 29th right? How is that even possible in 3 years?" Hermione asked Parvati. Apparently she was more concerned of the feasibility of dating 29 girls in the span of 3 years than Ron's strange interest on Malfoy's relationship.
"Draco." Tracey says getting her boyfriend's attention. It was already hard trying to get him to notice her in the last 3 years, and she didn't need him to be nonchalant when she's with him.

"Hmm?" He responded turning to face her. He had on his face an inquiring look. Salazar if he isn't gorgeous! His eyes were looking at her with intense curiosity, Tracey swore she won't ever complain about not having his attention again.

Draco was quick to notice the blush on Tracey's face but decided to wait for her answer instead of teasing her. It amused him to learn his charm hasn't faded in the last 4 years. In fact, he was sure to overthrow Diggory on top this year.

"I- uhm." Tracey said unable to articulate her thoughts. Merlin! You're a beautiful young lady to match the handsome lad in front of you. Don't be a ninny!

"You know, mudblood Granger is staring at you." She said trying to sound casual and unaffected. It wasn't what she was going to say but she was distracted by the way the most popular girl in school looked at her boyfriend.

Draco looked at the Gryffindor table to find that Granger indeed was staring. He was not able to prevent the smirk on his face at the thought of the mudblood. She probably noticed it too since she looked away as if she felt chills or something.

"She's either one, trying to murder me in her mind, or two, is jealous that I'm dating you not her. Which, by the way shouldn't worry you even a bit. The girl disgusts me in more ways than one." Draco said as he rubbed Tracey's arm with his hand.



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